Nail Art Guide

We acknowledge that it may be confusing to book for nail art as there are many factors to consider when booking for designs, so here’s a guide to make things easier for you guys! 

Booking Process

Please contact us BEFORE you book your appointment if you want nail art. Please send us an image of the design you’d like, any inspiration pictures you have, or your ideas in general to our Instagram page (@amynailsreading).

This way, we can consult you about the price and duration of your appointment or answer any questions you may have about your service. It is best to contact us directly about nail art because we will be able to book you in directly with the right technician and ensure that there’s enough time for your art, please try not to use our online booking services for nail art. 

If you have a budget for your appointment, please let us know beforehand as it would help us cater to what you’d like. 

You MUST prebook for nail art (more information on this can be found in our FAQs). 

  • Pricing

  • Things to Consider

  • Disclaimers

  • Price Examples

The prices of our designs are reflective of:

  • The time it takes to complete the design 
  • How much product is used for the design 
  • The type of products used for the design 
  • Above all, the skill required to complete the design.

Please note that although some designs may look simple; they will still need a lot of time, skill and technicality to execute. 

A lot of designs will take more time or skill to complete than base services so they will be charged more than the base service.

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