Van Vu - Founder and Owner

I’m Van, I founded Amy Nails Reading in 2013. When I first came to England, I always knew that I wanted to open my own business as in Vietnam, I had my own dressmaking business for over 10 years. At the start I was a one woman team for 2 years before my brother Thanh joined me. We’ve been working together side by side ever since.

At the salon, I’m a true multi-tasker; from managing, to being a nail technician and artist to doing all the admin bits behind-the-scenes. However, I have the best time when I’m connecting with my clients and being creative with my work. It’s amazing to see how the nail industry has grown over the last couple of years, especially with regards to nail art. With the help of my daughter, Trang, I continued to keep up with the latest nail trends for you guys and it’s been so fun! I strive to make everyone feel at home in my salon so I hope you guys come and experience this for yourselves!

Trang Vu - Nail Artist and Salon Manager

I’m Trang and since I was little, I have always been interested in art; drawing and painting was a big hobby of mine and one that I did regularly up until I went to uni. Whilst studying English at the University of Exeter, my mum suggested that I work part-time at Amy Nails to fund my student life - you guys know how tough it is out there! However, it turned into more than that. Being a nail artist has allowed me to rediscover my love for art and has re-energised my creativity. Plus, my time at uni has shaped me into a more independent and confident person which helps me carry out my role as a manager. So after graduating, continuing my career at Amy Nails was a no-brainer! 

Family and community is everything to me. So being able to work alongside my mum, who is my best friend, my uncle and the fabulous team at Amy Nails has truly been a blessing. Not only do I get to do something I love every day, but I also get to connect with my clients, my family and my team. As our team is an all-Vietnamese team, I get to develop a deeper relationship with my culture and community too! So come and experience the joy that our salon has to offer - I can’t wait to meet you all!

Our Team

The team at Amy Nails are extremely friendly and close to each other - albeit, they are a bit shy so are hesitant to introduce themselves individually here! Every member has many years of experience in the nail industry, so clients are in very safe hands when they come to our salon. If you’ve got any queries or requests, don’t hesitate to ask anybody on the team as we aim to make clients feel as comfortable and welcomed as possible. The bond that our team has developed throughout the years has been priceless and our teamwork ensures that operations run smoothly every day - in turn, this helps us to form strong bonds with our clients also. We are all looking forward to welcoming you guys to the salon!

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