How do I book an appointment:

You can book via our book now button at the top of the page, contact directly by calling 07810766652 or message us on Instagram (@amynailsreading). If you’re after nail art, please book with us directly on Instagram or call us. 

How do I pay?

You can pay online before your appointment or by cash or card if you are paying at the venue. Although we accept card payments, we much prefer cash and would really appreciate it if you could pay using this method as we have to pay a high transaction fee every time we take card payments. 

Luckily for us, there’s an ATM directly opposite our salon that you can withdraw money from if you haven’t done so beforehand!

Do you accept walk-ins?

We welcome walk-ins if we have availability but the majority of our clients book an appointment so we would recommend to book with us to avoid any disappointment. 

What products do you use?

We are a gel only salon so we do not offer traditional/normal nail polish. We stock OPI and The Gel Bottle products. 

Why don’t you offer traditional/normal polish?

We always want the best for our clients and we believe that gel is a much better option for your nails than normal polish - it strengthens the nails more, lasts much longer and gives a shinier and more pristine finish compared to normal polish. The majority of our clients use gel polish so, oftentimes, normal polish is left unused and becomes bad - it would be such a shame and waste to stock more normal polish to have to end up throwing it away. 

If you are allergic to gel polish, we offer a wide range of coloured dipping and acrylic powders that can replace gel polish colours.

Do you use an e-file?

Yes we do, we believe that an electric file, when used correctly and with the right qualification, is a valuable tool to achieve longer lasting and amazing looking nails. The key to using an e-file correctly is to always be gentle and use the right drill bit for each step of the nail process - we would never use a drill bit that is not meant for your natural nails on your nail beds. 

Natural Nails

How long does gel polish last?

Usually gel polish lasts 2-3 weeks on natural nails but this is dependent on the condition of your natural nails and how well you care for them after your appointment. Gel polish doesn’t last as long on shorter, weaker, and dryer nails and you must care for your mani after you leave the salon to make it last. This means that you should wear gloves when handling cleaning products or washing the dishes as well as not using the tip of your nails to open things or tap it on surfaces as this may chip your nails. 

We always paint 3 layers of gel polish on natural nails and a top and base coat as we find that this greatly helps with the longevity of your nails.

My nails are weak, is there a product you can use on my natural nails without me having to get acrylic/gel powder?

Yes! We offer a strengthening builder base (The Gel Bottle’s BIAB) that is used before regular application of gel polish to strengthen your natural nails.

Please note that we do not use BIAB to build thicker/longer nails (to give the same effect as acrylics) but only to strengthen natural nails. We also do not offer infills on BIAB but rather just a take off and redone. 

Do you offer hard gel?

We do not offer hard gel services. Hard gel cannot be soaked off in acetone and must be filed completely off using a drill; therefore, we prefer to use products with a less harsh take off process.

Nail Extensions

What is the difference between acrylic powder and gel powder?

Gel powder is lighter and harder than acrylic powder. 

How long do extension nails last?

We recommend that you get infills every 2-3 weeks as this ensures that your set can last longer. Not getting your nails infilled on time can lead to lifting which can cause bacterial infections if water gets under your nails. Every few infills we recommend a take off and redone so we can monitor the condition of your natural nails underneath to advise you on what to do next. 

But the main thing is that the longevity of extensions depends on how well you take care of them and the condition of your  natural nails. Extensions are strong but they can still break if they are hit onto something or if you use your nails as a tool to open things etc. Dryer and weaker nails are more prone to breakages. Nails with shorter nail beds will need to be infilled more regularly as originally there isn’t as much surface area for your extension powders to hold onto. Nail beds that are oilier are more prone to lifting.

Nail Art

How do you price your nail art?

Nail art is priced depending on how long it takes to complete a design, the amount of products used, what products are used and, above all, the skill required for the design. We believe that our prices are fair for the quality and level of art we produce. 

Some designs may look simple but actually require a lot of time and technicality to complete so please be mindful of this when asking for nail art.

Why do I need to prebook for nail art?

Nail art has to be pre booked; even if you book the nail art extra option on our booking systems, you still have to contact us directly with the nail art you’d like. This is so we can let you know the price of the nail art, how long it’ll take to complete and book more time for your appointment if needed. If you book the nail art extra but do not send us an image of your art, we cannot guarantee that we can offer you that design at your appointment. Overall, please contact us directly if you want nail art so that we can communicate with you and ensure that everything runs smoothly for your appointment. 

Alternatively, if you have booked for a specific design and have changed your mind to another one, please let us know before your appointment. If you change to a more intricate design, we may not be able to accommodate you as we wouldn’t have booked enough time. Or if it’s a less intricate design, potential clients might lose out on an appointment as we have extended your appointment for your design.

I haven’t booked for nail art, can I request it during my appointment?

If you have not booked for nail art, please mention at the START of your appointment that you’re interested. We will see if we have enough time and if the nail artists are available for your nail art and let you know the price. We will try our best to book you in but we usually have a very busy schedule so if you have not pre booked for nail art, we may not have time for it during your appointment.

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