Before You Book 

Here are some things to consider before you book with us: 

Have you got any products on your nails?

Please mention if you have any products on your nails and what product it is when you book an appointment - this way we can book you enough time for a removal of that product and ensure that you know the extra costs for it. 

Would you like any nail art or extras?

If you would like anything on your nails that isn’t just a block colour/block colours, please make sure to book the extra service or let us know so we can book it for you. 

Do you want any extensions/overlays with powder?

It is important that if you want extensions or any form of acrylic/gel/dipping powder overlay (anything that’s not gel polish painted on your natural nails) that you ask for the right service. This is because each technician at the salon specialises in certain services so if you book with someone that only does gel services for natural nails and change your mind to acrylic extensions, we may not be able to accommodate your request and you may need to reschedule. 

Have you read our policies?

Please read our policies before you book, when you book with us you are agreeing to our policies.

Where to find us

  • 147B Friar Street, Reading RG1 1EX
  • 078107 66652